Sorry. Store is temporary closed due to COVID-19. We appreciate your interest in our products but no orders are currently being processed is an online retailer of patio furniture since 2004. We are the #1 retail destination for quality patio and outdoor furniture. We are an online only store  located in San Francisco Bay Area. <p>

We strive to only carry brands and products that are made of high quality sustainable materials. We deeply care for the environment and adhrere to the 3 Rs as much as we can.</p>

<p>We do not carry products made of unnecessary deforestation anywhere in the world. We believe that there are high quality products out there that do not contribute to deforestation of large swats of jungles and forests in East Asia or South America</p>

<p>The 2 top brands we carry, are either made of high quality recycled placstic (Seaside Casual Furniture) or high quality, durable reclaimed Teak (Groovystuff Furniture)


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